Character Assassination in the 2020 Presidential Race: A New Low?

By Andrew Douglas The race for the White House between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden gets uglier by the day. Join the Washington Examiner and CARP Lab for the 3rd and final webinar on character assassination and the 2020 presidential race. Hear from leading academics and journalists about how the topsy-turvy Trump-Biden... Continue Reading →

CARP Lab welcomes new intern

CARP Lab is pleased to introduce you to our newest intern, Andrew Douglas, who is joining us in Washington, DC this fall. Andrew is an undergraduate political media intern currently in his senior year at DePauw University. His background comes from experience running the media platforms for a Chicago-based startup as well as working under... Continue Reading →

New YouTube Series

Check out our new "5 Questions in 5 Minutes" series. It features CARP Lab co-founders discussing their research with Arya Rashidi, CARP marketing intern. Find the playlist with the videos on YouTube by following this link.

Webinar #7: Character Assassination in Political Campaigns

Today, Eric Shiraev spoke with political campaign consultant Jason Jay Smart about the role of opposition research in campaigning, different government systems, and how the public gets primed to believe character attacks. The conversation spanned multiple countries and elections, so it's a must-watch for anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes of character attacks and politics. Watch... Continue Reading →

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