The Character of Thomas Jefferson: Then and Now [Part 1]

By Mikayla Knutson In recent years, research into Sally Hemings’ life highlighted the experiences of slaves at Monticello and prompted questions of Thomas Jefferson’s apparent hypocrisy: the Founding Father who penned that “all men are created equal” and hold “unalienable Rights” to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” was a slave master. As part of... Continue Reading →

by Katya Beisel November may not have been as busy for us as October was, but it was just as exciting. Aside from our regular weekly blog posts, we organized our first virtual press conference on Nov. 10. Our first attempt at livestreaming panel discussions of CARP's research initiatives and insights was a success, and... Continue Reading →

Gun Control Debate Fails to Rage On

Because the National Communication Association conference is coming up later this week, pulling many of us away from classes and research, I’m not going to jump into a new topic for this month’s blog post. Instead, I want to provide more evidence for the claims that I made about a month ago in my post about hypocrisy related to gun violence.

by Katya Beisel October was eventful for us. It was CARP's first full month of publishing content on this new platform. Additionally, we devoted a significant amount of time to preparing for our Nov. 10 virtual press conference. Our efforts included a successful trial run on Oct. 27. In The Character Assassination of Robert Bork,... Continue Reading →

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