Webinar #8: Presidential Character from Clinton and Cable to Trump and Twitter

This morning, CARP Lab hosted a conversation between Sergei Samoilenko and Dr. Stephen Farnsworth. Dr. Farnsworth is a professor at the University of Mary Washington and the director of the Center for Leadership and Media Studies. The conversation spanned political party affiliation, the importance of authenticity in campaigning, and the impact of policy and character... Continue Reading →

Webinar #7: Character Assassination in Political Campaigns

Today, Eric Shiraev spoke with political campaign consultant Jason Jay Smart about the role of opposition research in campaigning, different government systems, and how the public gets primed to believe character attacks. The conversation spanned multiple countries and elections, so it's a must-watch for anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes of character attacks and politics. Watch... Continue Reading →

Webinar #3: Evil Queens and Wicked Empresses

If you missed the webinar on May 15, 2020, featuring Martijn Icks and Eric Shiraev discussing Dr. Icks's chapter in the Routledge Handbook of Character Assassination and Reputation Mangement, it's now available here on YouTube. Martijn Icks and Eric Shiraev delved into how women throughout history have become targets of character assassination. From Cleopatra to... Continue Reading →

May 1, 2020 Webinar Posted on YouTube

As the mastermind behind the 1950s Communist witch hunt, US Senator Joseph McCarthy was one of the most notorious political figures of his time. His credibility received a severe blow when TV journalist Joseph Murrow issued a highly critical report about him in his show See It Now, hailed by many commenters as “television’s finest... Continue Reading →

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